The three saints this week are like Three Musketeers–swashbuckling, manly saints who stepped out with courage to do God’s will. St Martin of Tours–a Roman soldier from a pagan family who converted and was baptized despite persecution, who went on to be a courageous and self sacrifical missionary bishop–confronting heretics and pagans and preaching the gospel as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Pope St Leo the Great–who stepped into the breach when the Roman Empire was crumbling around him, and went out to meet Atilla the Hun and turn the barbarians back from the sack of Rome. A tireless and brave leader who worked for the poor and the hungry as the Chief Shepherd of the Church.

Today, St Josaphat, who led his people into unity with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and was murdered by a treacherous mob.

All three illustrate the need for Courage in the Christian life. When the natural virtue of Courage is strengthened and fulfilled by Divine Grace we have fortitude. What wonderful things are completed by Christian men and women who are driven and fuelled by the divine gift of Fortitude through the Holy Spirit.

May we, our husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, our priests and bishops all be granted fortitude, for without it we cannot reach for the heavens or become the saints we are destined to be.