Go here (if you can stand it) to read Richard Dawkins’ latest hate filled diatribe against the Catholic Church. He calls the Catholic Church the greatest force for evil in the world, trots out all the tired old cliches of our being misogynist, cannibalistic, homophobic killers of poor Africans.

The fact that this is published in the Washington Post with a straight face is remarkable. What other major paper would dare to publish such hate filled bigotry against any other religious group? Why doesn’t Dawkins turn his hate filled energy towards the Muslims? Errm, because they might send the hit squads I guess.

Dawkins’ venom confirms everything you have come to know and dislike in what’s called ‘the New Anti-Catholicism.’ Mark Shea makes the great point in his Mary books that it has virtually all the same components as the old anti-Catholicism in the Chick tracts and all the old Protestant propaganda. Furthermore, Dawkins lies are virtually the same as the most vile anti-Semitic propaganda that history has ever seen.

According to him Catholics are cannibals, pimps, pederasts, murderers, bigots and maniacal control freaks who endanger the whole world. Do the readers of the Washington Post take it seriously? I fear so.

Meanwhile Matthew over at CMR fisks another report in the mainstream media, this time from Boston and from a former Catholic priest James Carroll. It also attacks the Catholic Church for the offer to Anglicans. You can read his post with juicy tidbits from the article here. There is at least one good thing about Carroll’s article: I like the phrase “abandoning the Thames for the Tiber.”

I think Todd Unctuous will have something to say about all this tomorrow.