Here is a great Saturno pic. It’s Gregory Peck from the film, The Scarlet and the Black

It’s a reminder of my annual membership drive. Every October I ask readers and listeners to become Donor Subscribers and help support this blog-website. If you enjoy the fact that the blog is free from all third party ads and that I keep the vast majority of the blog posts, podcasts and services free for all, then why not pitch in and become a Donor Subscriber.

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When I started blogging over ten years ago, blogs were very personal. It was just a writer with a platform. They were ordinary and real life. That’s why they were popular. Then they started to get snapped up by commercial websites like Patheos. I had my blog there for a couple of years, but the ads kept getting more and more intrusive and as the traffic grew we lost the personal touch.

Then the Catholic blogosphere and online publications started to get in on the act. Now the Catholic online world is crowded. Many of the writers, apologists and evangelists work under the umbrella of large, well funded organizations. They have Boards of Directors with deep pockets or they are linked to large national organizations who help keep the show on the road. They often write with a team of proof readers, editors, marketing folks, a tech team and everything necessary to make the whole operation pretty slick and whizz bang.

Not here. It’s still just me with my laptop expressing my opinion and maybe helping some folks and making other folks irritated from time to time. I try to be faithful in presenting the fullness of the Catholic faith in a relevant, thought provoking, clear and entertaining way.

If you appreciate this work why not help out by becoming a Donor Subscriber?

I don’t pester Donor Subscribers with lots of emails trying to sell stuff or talk about this blog all the time. Once a month I send an email to Donor Subscribers at the Premier level and over with some news, special offers and opportunities. The email also includes my popular Boox Grab Box–I offer a whole box of Catholic books on a first come first served basis to the Donor Subscribers. They write in asking for a book and if somebody has not already nabbed it I send it to them free of charge. It’s fun and it’s an extra benefit for my Donor Subscribers along with other special offers you can read about here.

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