Rod Dreher in the NY Times suggests that the effect of Pope Francis’ America interview is that American Catholics (and the rest of the liberal gang) now assume that Catholic bishops need to simply shut up about abortion, same sex marriage and contraception because the Pope has told them to. Read the article here.

I fear he is correct. I’ve already read articles by homosexualists Catholics who have said (in effect) “I’m so glad Pope Francis has finally said that he accepts me as I am.” Which means “he condones my lifestyle.”

Yes, yes I know that’s not what the Pope said, but that is how it is being misinterpreted. What is happening is that the secular media are working to establish an artificial new climate and context for debate. They wish for the status quo to be pro abortion, pro same sex marriage, pro contraceptives and a complete sexual free for all. They wish that to be the new establishment, default setting. Anyone who objects will be portrayed as crazy, Amish, Westboro Baptist type freaks and wackos who need to be weeded out.

Their interpretation of the Holy Father’s comments are just one tactic in a much larger strategy.