Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Obama Administration is far worse that Bush and that everybody is lying about everything and the mainstream media are covering up and “carrying water” for Obama. Read more here.

One of the problems is the abundance of “information” from so many different sources. The internet has exploded with stories that purport to be “news stories” but are communicated through websites that are clearly propaganda outlets from either the political right, the political left or some religious or ideological angle. If everybody is not quite lying about everything certainly everybody is reading and writing news stories from their own narrow perspective.

Stories are out there like so much unsubstantiated garbage gossip. Sources are not given, authorities are not quoted, facts may be reported, but they are not supported and backed up. If this is how journalism had ended up, “history” is not much better. Instead of objective historical research we’re getting crank theories and sensationalist conspiracies or far out supernatural shock horror stories in order to pump up headlines, gather readers and promote advertising.

Seymour Hersh is right–where are the old fashioned fact hunting news hounds who will gather the truth and report it fearlessly even if it means being a subversive in society?