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Did you know that Catholic bishops are actually high priests of Dagon, the ancient pagan deity of the Philistines? You see, the miter the bishop wears is a replica of the costumes worn by the priests of Dagon. That’s right, the priests of Dagon wore a head dress that looked like the head of a fish with an open mouth, and down their back they wore a long cape that looked like like the skin of a big fish. When you look at a Catholic bishop sideways you can see the open mouthed fish head and his cope looks just like that fish skin they wore! This proves that Catholicism is really just old fashioned devil worshipping paganism right? Wrong.

The bishop’s miter developed from the camelaucum; a form of crown worn in the imperial court in Byzantium. There are no pictures of a Catholic bishop wearing what we would recognize as a miter until the eleventh century and then it was a shorter, softer hat which only developed into its present form in the late middle ages….long after the worshippers of Dagon were dead and gone.

Three Forms of Anti Catholicism

The true history of the bishop’s miter is found with a simple search on the internet, but explain this piece of historical detail to an extreme Protestant who believes everything Catholic is simply warmed up paganism and you will discover that he thinks you have been brainwashed. The information on the internet was a page on the Catholic Encyclopedia!!  He will consider you to be a naive dupe of a sinister regime, and the source of your information is part of a cover up by the Catholic dis-information machine in the secret walled city of the Vatican.

A second Protestant friend may not be quite so extreme in his Catholic=pagan beliefs. He eschews the wild eyed fundamentalism of the Chick Tracts. Nevertheless he shakes his head sadly and informs you that Catholic doctrine is not Scriptural. It is a mish mash of pagan philosophy and religious customs. He tells you how veneration of the Virgin Mary and prayers to the saints have their roots in pagan goddess worship and ancestor worship. He’ll tell you how the doctrines of purgatory the sacraments have come from Gnosticism, how transubstantiation is pagan Aristotelianism and Catholic beliefs on heaven and hell and the afterlife are infected with the pagan philosophies of Neo Platonism.

Finally there is your secular friend with his own brand of Catholic=pagan anti Catholicism. He does not fear Catholicism because it is pagan. He dismisses it because it is pagan. Secularists use the theory to ridicule or dismiss Catholicism because it shows that ‘all religions are merely different versions of primitive superstition.” Continue Reading