All Aboard! Train is leaving the station!

This is the last call for the recruitment drive for new Donor Subscribers to this blog.

Twice a year for two weeks I have a push for new Donor Subscribers. Beginning of April and Beginning of October.

First, thanks to all those who have subscribed. Remember if you are a new Donor Subscriber over these last two weeks and you have not sent me an email asking for your free copy of Carl Olson’s book Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? then shoot me an email so I can send you one. Write to

What do Donor Subscribers receive for their subscription?

  • extra archived material which is uploaded at least once a week. These are evergreen articles I have written on film, culture, art, history, apologetics and more.
  • Exclusive podcast material. In the months ahead I’ll be producing my twenty part podcast series on the history of the Catholic Church, but I’ll be putting up some extra audio content too which will be only for Donor Subscribers.
  • Free offers and discounts. Here are some examples of the free offers and discounts since October: a big discount on a New Testament course at Dr Marshall’s New St Thomas Institute, a free MP3 from Catholic productions worth $17.95 of Dr Brant Pitre on The Old Testament Roots of Divine Mercy, a free audio book version of Slubgrip Instructs, discounts on all my books, discounts if you invite me to speak at your parish or group, discounts on any pilgrimages I lead.
  • The monthly Boox Grab Box – I am just about to publish this months. This is a personal email to all Donor Subscribers inviting them to rummage through my Boox Grab Box–a box full of free books and Catholic stuff all free for the asking. First come first served.
  • Access to the comments box on my blog
  • Access to “Ask a Priest” feature- a way to write directly to me with your questions and requests.
  • Access to my Benedictine Spirituality blog Suburban Hermit

Why do I call them Donor Subscribers? Because they not only subscribe to the blog, they help to finance this particular ministry of the New Evangelization on the new media. I am determined to keep the blog free of all advertising, keep it looking professional, responding quickly and being a good an inspiring place to be.

All of this is free, but it is not free to design, maintain, improve, host and promote. In addition, your Donation Subscription helps to sponsor the development of the podcast feature. People expect podcasts to be free but, like the blog, they are not free to produce. Therefore your monthly donation-subscription helps me get the word out there in both print and audio form.

If you can afford to be a Donor Subscriber you are helping make the material available for the many thousands who read the blog who cannot afford it. The cost is $8.95 per month. That’s less than thirty cents a day! You can go here to subscribe.

So all aboard! This is the last request this time around. Of course you’ll always be able to subscribe at any time, and you can unsubscribe at any time, but this is the last request for this particular recruitment drive.

To subscribe go here, and if you do, remember new subscribers can request a free copy of Carl Olson’s Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? After you subscribe shoot me an email with your request.