Guest blogger, Duane Mandible is a contributing editor to The Truth Hurts, a bi-monthly journal of politics, economics and opinion. He also contributes regularly to Freedom Monthly; Illuminations and The Sojourner. Duane is the author of Guns and Knives will Save Your Children’s Lives. He is Vice President of the Sacred Society of St Philibustre, and enjoys hunting rattlesnakes, square dancing and watching re runs of comedy classics. He is unmarried.

During this most holy season of Lent it has been drawn to my attention that there are certain ‘Novus Ordo’ priests who write blogs rather than occupying their time saying Mass and ministering to the faithful. It does not come as a surprise to me that this is so. Along with the innovations of the timeless Mass which were instituted by the Freemason ‘Pope’ Roncalli came the insidious idea of ‘aggiornomento’ which means ‘opening up the windows’. With this seemingly harmless idea he and his successor, the ineffectual Montini brought the whole demonic modern world into the ancient Catholic Church. Suddenly you saw priests wearing jeans, nuns listening to the radio and Catholic school children started to chew gum.

Furthermore, certain of these ‘priests’ not only write blogs rather than reading their breviary, but they seek to ‘entertain’ their readers with ‘humor’. Since when is a priest ordained to make people laugh? Did Our Lord laugh? No. The gospel says, “Jesus wept. We never have one verse that says, “Jesus laughed.” This priestly ‘humor’ takes the form of lighthearted joking about sacred things. Often these priests even stoop to a form of humor called satire–which (I am told) is a sophisticated form of mockery which is only bitter sarcasm under a different name. These Novus Ordo priests believe that their blogs are ‘methods of evangelization’ when we can see that they are no more than vainglorious and shallow artifices designed to bolster their petty attempts at fame. Through their blogs they shamelessly sell their books, pander to their crowds of adoring readers (who are mostly women) and seek out more and more attention for themselves.

Recently one ‘blogger’ discussed in a lighthearted way the role of women in the church. Never once did he mention the Blessed Virgin, and never once did he point out the ancient tradition that women are, by nature, unclean and should be barred from the sanctuary because of their ritual uncleanness. We in the Society of St Filibustre maintain the most ancient traditions of the church and not only insist that our women wear proper head coverings to the Holy and Divine Liturgy in the Western Ambrosianic Rite (non collegian) but the females are also required to sit on benches along the wall and wear the ankle length black robe called the Magdalene which reminds them of their lower order of their existence.

The Society of St Filibustre does not allow women to be altar servers, lectors or ‘special Eucharistic ministers.’ As Mgr. Donald Rickles has written, “Women’s place in the church is on their knees–either praying or scrubbing the floor.” Only when women are in this role do they show the true glory of women–by showing the rest of us the true virtues of humility and submission.

I make this appeal to all those Catholics who have been deceived by the ‘papal’ pronouncements of the anti popes Wotyla and Ratzinger–return to the true church! Do not put up with girl altar servers wearing lipstick and dangly earrings! Do not accept the buttoned maniple! Only when the Western Ambrosianic Rite (non collegian) is restored in all it’s glory will the Catholic Church once again be purged of the sickening novelty of priests writing blogs, joking and using satire and mocking holy things. Only when the ancient traditions are restored will Lent once more be the holy and solemn season that it is meant to be.