exterior GRV 02.04.2014 smallDid you help by donating to the campaign I ran last Fall to help build our new church?

Thanks to you we have now had the ground breaking ceremony and the earth movers have begun their work.

Joseph Pronechen has written a great article about the new church at National Catholic Register here.Aug 26

Today they are getting ready to finish the drainage pond area at the deepest level of the excavation. You’ll see the gravel and concrete drainage materials in this picture towards the road.

To the right is where the new shrine to the Divine Mercy in the lower church will be situated and the East end of the church will rise above that.

What next? We’re aiming to raise the funds to build the Bell Tower. We reckon if we don’t to that now it won’t get done, so if you know of a great benefactor of Catholic Churches who does not know about our project forward this post!

In the meantime, thanks to all the readers of this blog who donated last year. We raised over $10,000 towards this great project from my readers.

If you would like to make an instant donation to this building project go here.