Four articles are uploaded today into the Archived Articles section of the blog.

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The four articles for Donor Subscribers today are:

Eliot’s Agonies – an article on the women in T.S.Eliot’s life and how he learned from a disastrous marriage and finally found happiness.

Utilitarianism. Good Works or What Works is Good? – this is the chapter I contributed to the book Disorientation-How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind.

The Simplicity of St Benedict – When considering the “Benedict Option” it is the saint’s balance and simplicity which counters the confusion of our modern and decadent world.

What’s So Bad About Sexual Sin? – The complexities of the spiritual life and sexual sin and how priests should deal with it pastorally.

A head’s up on what is coming up on the blog: I’m recording my Lent Book “The Gargoyle Code” as a Lent podcast. It will be available here on the blog for Donor Subscribers. I am also working on a project I am really excited about. Renegade Priest is podcast fiction. I’m taking the part of Fr Max Fisher–an inner city priest who falls afoul of criminals in the church hierarchy and beyond. This serialized podcast story will be available soon here at Standing on My Head.