How well I remember the “dialogue” in the Anglican Church over women priests.

The feminists said loudly, “This is not a theological issue. It is a question of justice and human rights! Women should be ordained as priests!”

In the meantime they were busy writing their feminist revisionist theology and understanding that the liturgy had to reflect their revolution, got themselves on the liturgical committees to impose feminist ideology on the liturgy.

Then, of course, once the legislation to ordain women went through they changed their tune, it was actually about theology after all and the oppressive regime of patriarchy had to be overturned.

This began with the inclusion of prayers, canticles and newly composed “psalms” that praised God as mother, as the female Wisdom and as the Nurturer and feminized the Holy Spirit.

Now the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC has taken the expansive language for God to the next step and voted that references to God as male should be excluded.

At what point do we say, “Errm, we no longer recognize this ‘ecumenical partner’ as Christian” and move them over into the inter faith column?

For goodness sake, Jesus himself taught us to call God “Father”.

Do the Episcopalian ladies know better than Our Lord?’


I think Rev. Humphrey Blytherington must have a few thoughts about this…