The Evangelical Catholic Institute in Wisconsin invited me to their annual conference last week.

Their mission is: The EC’s vision is that the Catholic Church be experienced as a vibrant, evangelical movement. We work towards the renewal of individuals, campus ministries, and parishes through an emphasis on interior conversion, devotion to the Scriptures, formation in the habits of discipleship, intense Christian community, and a commitment to evangelization.

Started as a mission to Catholic students at University of Wisconsin in Madison, they now produce excellent materials for small group work and training in evangelization. They had about 500 young Catholics from around the country, gathered to receive training and encouragement in spreading the gospel.

I asked one of their leaders how ‘Evangelical Catholicism’ was different from any other sort of Catholicism. He said, “Basically it’s not different. The documents of the church are totally clear that the essence of Catholicism is to spread the gospel throughout the world. The problem is that so many ordinary Catholics have yet to get the message. We’re not doing anything un-Catholic or eccentric–it’s just our job to get us doing what the church calls us to do.”

Three cheers! and following my own theme of ‘More Christianity’ I’d say that not only do we need more ‘Evangelical Catholicism’ but we need more of the other sorts as well. The Catholic faith has many apostolates, many emphases and many form of mission. The more they all prosper, the more the church thrives.