Readers of the blog may have noticed a certain slump in my usual activity. There is a method to my laziness. I’ve slowed down for the summer, then I went on a fantastic pilgrimage to France where I did not have the time or the constant Wi-fi of which I am dependent.

However, I have also been going through somewhat of a personal transition over the summer. I’ve been taking time to re-assess my priorities, look again at my writing and what I should be doing. As you will know, the whole media-communications scene keeps shifting. Traditional writing is giving way to more and more words expended on the ever hungry internet. Should I write any more books? I think not. Then I have an idea for one. Then I get started and I need to finish. Then there’s podcasting. I love doing it, but it takes time for me to produce them all and the need for getting video content out is nagging at me.

Plus I have ideas for drama and fiction that I would really like to do. Shall I put off the journalistic writing, blogging and theological book writing for the plays and fiction that are bubbling in my brain? If you have any insights or advice I would be glad to hear it.

But in the meantime, I’ll keep blogging and posting archived articles for the Donor Subscribers at least once a week if I can. Sorry that for the last month or so this part of the blog has slipped!

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The comparatively few people who are Donor Subscribers help to cover the costs for the tens of thousands who read this blog worldwide. So if you would like to help with those costs and receive some considerable extra benefits, please to the Subscribe page here and sign up. Many thanks!

Here are this week’s four articles:

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