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The four new blog posts are:

The Scandal of Particularity – this is chapter four of my book The Quest for the Creed. I am uploading the book chapter by chapter so it will be a kind of blog post e-book. The Quest for the Creed consists of twenty short chapters on the Apostles’ Creed written in a rollicking Chestertonian style. Donor Subscribers can read chapter by chapter.

The Passionate Preacher – This post describes some of the practical principles of practical preaching, and yet alliteration is key!

Fatima and the Atheists – How can you explain the miracle of the sun to a person like atheist . Richard Dawkins?

The Bucolic Appeal of the Country Parson – I had a dream of being the pastor of one of those beautiful country churches in England…and it happened. Here’s why it is so attractive.

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