It’s the middle of the month and therefore the Donor Subscribers have received a personal email with the list of the items in this month’s Boox Grab Box

For those of you unfamiliar with this feature of my blog-website- every month I gather together a box full of Catholic goodies and my Donor Subscribers have the chance to write to me asking for any of the stuff in the box free of charge. This is in addition to regular free book offers, discounts that I negotiate for online materials and other benefits.

I’m listing  this months’ Grab Box offers so you can see the kind of stuff that is available. If you subscribe before Sunday I’ll send you the special email too and you can take part.

Donor Subscribers not only get special offers like this, but they join to help support my work on this blog. I keep the blog good looking, up to date free of ALL ads and speedy to access, but all of this costs money. Donor Subscribers help keep this going and help to keep the main blog free for anyone to read. An increasing number of people worldwide do read the blog and it is amazing how many people have met me and said the blog helped the either return to the church or come into the Catholic Church

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Here are the offers for Donor Subscribers this month:

  • 12 copies of “Family Matters” – this is a little ten page booklet I wrote some time ago which applies the Rule of St Benedict to Family Life
  • 5 copies of Paul Thigpen’s “The Burden” – a book of prophetic poetry about the peril of our times.
  • 1 copy “The Church and the New Media” – Brandon Vogt’s book about Catholic bloggers and social media masters
  • 1 copy “The Path to Rome” A collection of contemporary English conversion stories.
  • 1 copy “The Reckless Way of Love-Notes on Following Jesus” by Dorothy Day
  • 1 CD audio book version of my book “The Mystery of the Magi”
  • 1 copy “The Tech Talk-Strategies for Families in a Digital World. A Catholic psychologist gives advice to families in managing tech
  • 1 copy “Don’t Divorce-Powerful Arguments for Saving and Revitalizing Your Marriage – hardback. 375 pages
  • 1 copy “Through Shakespeare’s Eyes- Seeing the Catholic Presence inthe Plays” – by Joseph Pearce
  • 1 copy “A Call to Serve” – Pope Francis and the Catholic Future by Philip Lawler and Stefan von Kempis
  • 1 copy “Surprised by Life – 10 Converts explain why Catholic Teachings on Life Led them to the Church” – By Patrick Madrid
  • 1 copy “The Golden Princess and the Moon” a re-telling of the story of Sleeping Beauty.