Four articles are uploaded to the Archived Articles section of the blog. These articles were written for various website, magazines and papers over the years.

The Morality of Movies – This is a double review of the classic Double Indemnity and the film Chinatown. Posted in Film and Television section.

Benedictines – They’ll Be Back – My interview with Brother Augustine Wilmeth–a former student of mine who is a Benedictine monk at Norcia in Italy. This is posted in the Suburban Hermit section of the blog.

Is Mercy Always Mushy? – A critique of “mushy mercy” otherwise known as the dictatorship of sentimentality.

I Scream Therefore I AM – One part of my archived uploads is a chapter by chapter upload of my book The Quest for the Creed. This book consists of twenty short chapters on successive phrases from the apostle’s creed. This week is chapter eight on “…he was crucified, died and buried.”

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