I can’t believe the last podcast episode of my analysis of John Allen’s book The Future Church was August 4. I got tied up with some serious vacation time during August, and then the pilgrimage to France. On my return I have been busy with the parish and other writing chores.

I’ve finally got down to recording this podcast in which I skim over John’s central three chapters in which he discusses the biotech revolution, globalization and the ecology movement. I’ve combined the three together because I need to conclude this podcast series and because I think these three issues are important, but are more peripheral to the core mission and message of the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, they are already impacting our church and the way we live out our Catholic faith in the world.

The full length episode is posted here on the blog for Donor Subscribers. It runs about 35 minutes. The abridged version which is free for all will be posted at BreadBox Media on Tuesday. If you are a Donor Subscriber go here to listen.

Have you tuned in to my other podcasts? True Fairytales is available free for all at BreadBox Media. I’ve recorded nine so far. They’re a mixture of my own stories and classic fairy tales. They make an excellent listen for the school run or for anyone of any age who likes stories. You can also listen to my recording of an abridged version of Hilaire Belloc’s Characters of the Reformation. This podcast series is available on my blog and free for all at BreadBox Media.

For Donor Subscribers there is a special channel called Stories of the Unexpected. They’re posted here. Stories of the Unexpected are tales of the supernatural, miraculous and marvelous. I’ll be adding more of these soon–taking the stories from Michael Brown’s book Lying Wonders Strangest Things. If you’re not a Donor Subscriber and would like to listen to a free sample from Stories of the Unexpected go here.  Donor Subscribers also have access to my 23 part church history series Triumphs and Tragedies. Go here to check it out.

Now that I’m back behind the microphone I’ll not only be recording more True Fairytales and Stories of the Unexpected, but I’m also working on the script for my serialized podcast fiction. Renegade Priest is the story of Fr Max Fisher. He thought he was serving the church. They weren’t so sure. I hope this adventure into podcast fiction will be popular and will let you know as soon as it is up and running.

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