Adam, Jane and Brooke

Adam, Jane and Brooke

This article from the Daily Telegraph got me thinking.

It’s all about a guy from London who lives in LA with two women. The women are bi sexual so they have a three way relationship: both women with him and both women with each other.

The article is written in that usual, cheerful manner that is assumed when we are supposed to be introduced to a sexual practice we use to think was devious and dirty, but are now supposed to accept as wholesome and happy.

Adam, we’re told, lives in perfect harmony with Brooke and Jane. Furthermore, they’re quite the happy family. Brooke already had a five year old son and now Brooke and Adam have had a baby. Jane loves to help look after both children.

The “throuple” tell how good it is to have a three way marriage. There are economic benefits since Brooke and Adam both go out to work while Jane enjoys staying home with the kids.

Adam adds: “Half of all marriages now end in divorce so most kids end up having more than one mum and one dad anyway.

“Therefore, I don’t think there’s any problem with raising our children with three parents.

“It’s also easier with three parents because usually, there’s an extra adult around who can look after the child.

“We’ve been discussing what our kid should call Jane – we like the idea of her having a title because she’s just as important to his upbringing.

“We’re trying to find a name that works, it might be end up being a Russian word.”

There may even be more babies joining the family. Continue Reading

Image The Daily Telegraph