For two weeks in April and two weeks in October I will have a membership drive on this blog. This is a push to encourage more readers to become Donor Subscribers.

Why do I need this? Last Autumn I decided to not only keep on blogging, but to step back from writing for some of the other outlets where I was a regular contributor. I stepped back because, to tell the truth, my writing for those outlets was getting stale. Some of them were catering for as broad an audience as possible and I found myself watering down my message to make it more centrist.

I wanted to get back to what a blog really is–a place for one person’s opinion, a soapbox to get a message across and for me, a means of engaging positively in the New Evangelization. So I worked with John Flynn at Kickstart Media to help me design this new blog-website. It was to have no advertising, and all new blogging and podcasting would continue to be free for anyone who wanted to read it.

However, to produce a blog like this isn’t actually free. It costs money to design, host, maintain and promote. To reach the widest audience possible we have to “get it out there” and this also costs time and money. Therefore, to make this work John and I set up the paywall. Donor Subscribers help to fund the work, and for this they get some extra features. They have access to the ever growing archived articles section, access to the comments box, the “Ask a Priest” feature as well as discounts on books purchased from my site and regular free offers, discounts on resources that I negotiate and the monthly “Boox Grab Box”–a personal email from me once a month with a whole box full of free Catholic goodies–first come first served.

Donor Subscribers will also help, by their subscriptions, to fund the production of my new podcast aspect of the blog. I’ll soon be launching a twenty part series on the history of the Catholic Church. This will be freely available and your donation-subscription will help get it off the ground.

Sooooo. Can you help?

Go here to learn more and become a Donor Subscriber.

New subscribers during these two weeks of April can receive a free copy of Carl Olson’s book Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? and in a welcome email I’ll also fill you in on how you can receive a free download from Catholic Productions on the Jewish Roots of the Divine Mercy.