Susan Robinson does late term abortions and then gives the corpse of the dead baby to the mother to hold. She takes baby footprints and gives the mother a “memory box”. She does this for late term abortions where there are fetal abnormalities. Read more about it here.

Robinson said she sometimes will say “non-denominational prayers” with the mother and the family following the abortion, an interviewer wondered about this seemingly “macabre” situation of loving a baby in one’s arms “that you just committed yourself to ending its life…”

“That’s not macabre!” said Robinson. “Yes, that’s the first part of the procedure. We sedate the patient and euthanize their fetus, their baby, with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

“We sedate the patient and euthanize their baby with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

This is nothing new. When I was an Anglican priest I was told of one of my colleagues–a hospital chaplain–who counseled a woman to abort her child because of suspected Downs’ Syndrome. He told her it was okay because Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me and forbid them not.”

Susan  Robinson with her “compassion” and “struggling with complex decisions”  reminds me of something else I saw online today…a new book called Hitler’s Furies which tells about the women who were involved in the holocaust. Some of the also combined the same chilling mothering, comforting actions with cold blooded killing. Note that the women doing Hitler’s bidding were also euthanizing the unfit, the mentally ill and the weak and sickly. Go here if you want to learn more about this horror, but be warned, the article on London’s Daily Mail website makes for grim reading–(and there are some scantily clad ladies in the sidebar ads)

Why should we be surprised at a woman conducting late term abortions? Millions of women have chosen to kill their unborn children through abortion, so it should come as no surprise to find that some will also be involved in conducting the abortions–even the grisly late term abortions. This is the situation in which we find our society–that women (who should be our  mothers and grandmothers) are the abortionists and killers. Just as in Hitler’s Germany–we should also expect that these people will be portrayed as heroes. They are “brave pioneers” who are “making difficult choices for the good of all.”

Just as Hitler’s propaganda machine portrayed Germans and German society as bright, happy, blonde, blue eyed and beautiful–so we should look again at our advertising and propaganda machine which portrays America as one vast Disneyland of blissful happiness, chuckling chubby children, face lifted ladies, handsome young men–all prosperous and healthy and happy beyond belief.

If I had the time I would write the book I’ve been contemplating for some time. It would be called Hitler Won and would show that most of the policies Hitler endorsed and put into action we continue in our own society today, but in a much more efficient and clinical manner. Not only did Hitler win, but we’re doing better than he did because our propaganda campaign is so much better. We wrap it all up in “compassion” and “clinical expertise” and “the American Dream” and sell it to the public.

I realize it is now a cliche to compare any bad politician or personality to Hitler, but this only blinds us to the fact that in our society we are following the same fanatical genocidal tactics. Eugenics might have a bad reputation in intellectual circles, but in practical terms we are busy weeding out the infirm, the unfit and the racially and economically inferior with vast amounts of government funding. Like the Nazi regime we also spend huge amounts on the military and march off to war with the most advanced weapons to impose our will on other countries. All we lack is a completely totalitarian regime with a state police force to oppress all opposition.

And I expect to see that too in my lifetime. Will the totalitarian regime come from the left or the right? It may come as the regime of a left wing ideologue, but it might also come as the regime of a right wing ideologue. In any case be assured that it will come wrapped up in an American flag with Mom, apple pie and Norman Rockwell paintings…

“Don’t be concerned about the soldiers in the streets. They’re simply defending our liberties! If you don’t do anything wrong you will have nothing to be worried about.”