Many years ago I had a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness. This guy would always try to pull me into arguments about the Bible and the end times. He was a particularly joyless individual who always had a frown on his face, and never had anything good to say about anybody.

After enduring yet another long rant from this guy I said, “You know what Bob? I’ll never convert to your religion. Do you know why?”

“Why?” Bob asked.

“Because it hasn’t given you joy. When I see your face Bob, it looks sad to me, and quite frankly, whether your religion is true or false, your angry manner doesn’t make it seem true.”

With that in mind, some of the comments on this blog have become, shall I say, ‘vinegary’?

There’s been a bit of name calling, a lot of jumping to negative conclusions and a tone which has been sour and uncharitable. Some of the tone reminds me of my neighbor Bob.

This has come into a blog which in which I strive to maintain a tone that is friendly and funny, with an edge that makes it interesting to read, but which is, most of all, charitable.

I can’t make others follow my guidelines. I’m grateful for readers, and grateful for those who take the time to comment.

I’ll just leave you all with one rhetorical question:

If you have two commentators, one which sounds negative, accusatory, biased, name calling and bitter, and one which seems open hearted, interested, accepting and willing to be corrected; which of the two makes the more winning argument?

Honey is more attractive than vinegar.

Like the JW named Bob, when you comment with an ugly, bitter and uncharitable tone you shoot yourself in the foot.