No kidding. I knew this Anglican vicar who went in for symbolic liturgical gestures. On Ascension Day he hired a hot air balloonist to be waiting outside the church. After the processional hymn the door were flung wide and everyone processed out and watched as the priest climbed into the hot air balloon and ascended on high.

Since the ascension was all about defying gravity why can’t we do more stuff that is fun like this? It could become a tradition, and before long there would be rubrics about what you can and cannot do. The Ordo would stipulate that the balloon would have to be white and gold (or a suitable array of colors) The priest could ascend, but not the deacon or servers….Parishes would have to limit the extent of the priest’s airborne travel to avoid mid air collisions with the priest from the next parish. Only bishops could ascend in balloons that are shaped like miters. The basket would have to be made from pure wicker and not artificial substances. You get my drift.