Lent is here and I’ll bet you haven’t made any preparations yet. If so, the new media offers instant answers.

Much of the material is free

If you’re looking for online resources for Lent, Aggie Catholics have their annual Lent mega post here

Don’t forget you can still sign up for Dynamic Catholic’s free weekly Lent video here

My free weekly newsletter is starting up again for Lent. You can sign up here

You can order my Lent books Gargoyle Code and its sequel Slubgrip Instructs here

You won’t get the books in time for Lent now, but you can catch up with the daily readings soon enough.

If you want an instant copy of Gargoyle Code or Slubgrip Instructs go here to purchase the ebook versions at the Kindle store.

To get started, read my classic post Lent in a Tent in which a young boy, inspired by a sermon, spent Lent in a mini hermitage.

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