Today I am posting the first of a new podcast series called Stories of the Unexpected.

In this series of short podcasts I’ll be sharing a story of the paranormal, the supernatural and the miraculous that has happened to me, my family members or friends. I’ll also share some stories from the lives of the saints. In addition I’ll be sharing theological reflections on each particular story. What do we make of the supernatural events and how to we process them? Where do they fit into our Catholic faith?

Why am I doing this? Because I believe the faith is best passed on by faith stories. The Bible and the history of the church are full of faith stories–stories about real people in real time who have some sort of encounter with the other side. The stories of these experiences cause us to look again at life and look again at our faith.

I like these stories because real life is never quite so neat and tidy as all of our theological, dogmatic and approved answers. Real life is messy, wonderful and confusing. There are more things in the world than we can explain and this bewilderment and open ended ness causes us to remain open minded, full of wonder and curiosity–and that’s a good thing.

I’m also aware that some people are very gullible about the miraculous and supernatural while others are cynical and doubting. Both extremes are to be avoided, and a rational discussion of paranormal happenings is the best way forward–a discussion that is believing while not gullible, skeptical but not cynical.

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To listen to the first podcast in Stories of the Unexpected  go here.