I’ve thought up a new feature to the blog to add extra value. It’s called the Boox Grab Box.

It’s pretty simple. I get lots of books and CDs and stuff for review. They are all worthy, but I don’t have time to read and review them all in detail.

Therefore I’m going to put them in a box, and at least once a month I’m going to have a “Boox Grab Box” feature. I’ll post a list of the books here with a brief description, and Donor Subscribers will get a personal email with the list inviting them to email me to receive the item as a free gift.

This way Donor Subscribers get added value to their subscription, and the worthy books and resources get some exposure and a mention.

Here are the selections in this month’s Boox Grab Box – links to Amazon so you can learn more about each offer.

  • A CD Audio version of Mystery of the Magi worth $14.99
  • Everyday Meditations by Bl.John Henry Newman – this handsome devotional book published by Sophia Institute Press features fifty short daily meditations by the eminent English Cardinal and theologian
  • Why Be Catholic? by Patrick Madrid – With a foreword by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, this little book by America’s top Catholic apologist is witty, informal and factual.
  • The Radiance of Her Face – A Triptych in Honor of Mary Immaculate – Written by Dom Xavier Perrin, the Abbot of Quarr, this beautiful book delves deeply into Scripture and tradition to inform and inspire about the Immaculata
  • Transformed by God’s Word by Stephen Binz – Stephen is one of the foremost Catholic Biblical commentators. His books have helped many to understand the Scriptures more deeply. This book combines the Western tradition of lectio divina with the Eastern Orthodox tradition of visio divina: IOW Meditating on Scripture and icons.
  • Angels, Barbarians and Nincompoops – Anthony Esolen’s whimsical work on words. The book outlines the background and derivation of a delightful selection of words. As English professor and translator Esolen expounds and explains you learn how words connect and what they really mean. A great book to keep on the side table to dip into.
  • A Call to Serve – Pope Francis and the Catholic Future – an illustrated introduction to Pope Francis, outlining his background and his election and the challenges to the church in the future.
  • The Golden Princess and the Moon – a delightful re-telling of the story of Sleeping Beauty by Anna Maria Mendell.
  • Through Shakespeare’s Eyes – Joseph Pearce’s excellent exposition of the Catholic presence in Shakespeare’s plays.
  • The Evangelization Equation – Fr James Wehner, rector of the Josephinum seminary in Ohio, explains the who, what and how of evangelization for Catholics.

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