On Monday Elias drove our little rental car all the way from Nazareth to Jerusalem to return it by 10:00. Israeli roads are very congested. Too many cars for a comparatively small nation. Therefore we were grateful also for a dinky little car as we took up less space, found parking places easily and managed to navigate some pretty narrow alleyways and back streets.

Once back in Jerusalem we rested and got ready for our next adventure: three days in Jordan. It was good to get back to my little room at Ecole Biblique and join the brothers again in the daily prayers. In the afternoon I hit the library again for a few hours, but mostly rested up, caught up on emails and hung out with Elias.

You never know with your kids. It is very satisfying to be with a 23 year old son and realize you quite like hanging out with him and that he doesn’t mind being with you so much either!