It looks like Uncle Joe Biden has pulled up with Bernie as one of the Democratic front runners. This should be of interest to all Catholics because of course Uncle Joe claims to be a devout Catholic.

The problem with the Biden-Pelosi type Catholics is one I am still trying to figure out. Yes, I know. I’m a convert. What do I now about it? I know. I know. I’m a former fundamentalist and deep down I’m still a gun-totin’ hootin’ and hollerin’ red neck red hat MAGA man.


Still. I don’t get it. What kind of creepy double think are Catholics like Biden involved with? The Catholic church clearly teaches against abortion and same sex marriage, but this guy openly supports both and does so proudly. Now I can understand if, for political purposes, a candidate might make weasel words and grumble along saying, “I personally oppose abortion and I will do everything in my power to change the policies of my party on this matter…blah blah blah” but Biden just goes along flip flopping on the issue.

When it comes to same sex marriage I could understand if a Catholic politician says, “I believe marriage is ordained by God and is between one man and one woman for life, but our country has decided that same sex marriage can be legal and I don’t have the power to overturn that decision so we must all abide by the law of the land.” I can understand that, but this guy with his big fake grin gets up in public and actually officiates at same sex weddings.  What is that all about?

What really kills me is that nobody calls out Catholics like Pelosi and Biden for being the most outrageous, public hypocrites. Why is it that it is only conservative, uptight Christians who, when they get caught with their pants down, are blamed for being hypocrites? Why is it that only the conservative Christian leaders who get caught with their hand in the cookie jar are blamed for being hypocrites? If a hypocrite is a person who says they believe in one thing but do another they’re a hypocrite. Pelosi and Biden claim to be not just Catholics, but good practising Catholics and yet their hypocrisy is open, public and proud.

Is that the difference? If your hypocrisy is open, public and proud its okay but if your hypocrisy is secret it’s somehow worse?

I’m not commenting here on Biden’s policies or him as a person. His policies must be those of the Democratic pro abortion party. Nuff said. His personal life? It seems to me he’s just another career politician from the swamp of Washington who has enriched himself and his family over the years like most of the others. All that is “business as usual”

What I’m commenting on, as a Catholic priest, is the nature of his Catholicism. There seems to be a Catholic religion in the USA that defines itself by openly defying and denying certain core doctrines and morals of the Catholic faith. If a man is unfaithful in his religion how reliable and trustworthy will he be in public office? If he changes course according to political expediency how reliable will he be in a crisis? If he dithers and does whatever he wants as a Catholic can he have integrity as a person? And if he does not have integrity as a person is he fit for high office?

Now I realize that as soon as I write this folks will start chortling about how I must be a Trump supporter and how Trump is also unfit for office blah blah blah. I don’t dispute that and anybody who had read my political opinions over the years know I am not a fan of Donald Trump.

But this post is not about Trump.

It’s about Uncle Joe Biden. The Catholic who won’t stand up to the abortion lovers and who officiated at the marriage of two fellas.