After a summer break I am back to producing some podcasts. I’ll be completing my analysis of John Allen’s The Future Church. It’s interesting to see what predictions he made ten years ago and how many of these things have come to pass faster and more effectively than he anticipated. Other predictions not so.

Coming up when this series is finished: I’m working on a series about the Shroud of Turin and my podcast fiction, Renegade Priest.

Future Church? Donor Subscribers can listen to the full length episode six here. The abridged version will be posted at BreadBox Media and other podcast channels on Tuesday. If you want to listen to the first five episodes at BreadBox go here. Why not tune in to my other free church history podcast, my reading of an abridged version of Hilaire Belloc’s Characters of the Reformation. That is also available at BreadBox. Go here.  My series True Fairytales is also available at BreadBox.

BreadBox Media is great, but you’ll have to listen to sponsorship ads on the podcasts and the layout on the website is sometimes jumbled. If you want to listen with no ads and access the podcasts more easily you can do that here on the blog. Full instructions and access to all my podcasts are available to all levels of Donor Subscribers. Go here to learn how to become a Donor Subscriber.

Go here to listen to the full length version of episode six of my discussion of John Allen’s The Future Church.