Ten years ago Vatican journalist John Allen published his book The Future Church. Which of his predictions have come true, which have fizzled out, which are yet to come?

In my new podcast series I discuss Allen’s book chapter by chapter. The Introduction was published last week and the second episode–“The World Church” is published here today. Each week I will publish a free, abridged version of the podcast and a full length version here on the blog.

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Some folks wonder why the full length version is behind the paywall on my blog. Please remember that most of my blog posts and podcasts are free, but they are not free to produce. There are costs to run a website like this. We have to pay for hosting, software subscription fees, design, maintenance, music clips, promotion and development.

Some of the Catholic online ministries have a board of directors, sponsors with deep pockets, a staff of editors, proof readers, tech people and marketers.

But here is is just me standing on my head!

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