David Bawden - "Pope Michael"

David Bawden – “Pope Michael”

The headline is linked to this article online about Georgia Walker who claims to be a Catholic priest.

You can go here for a very entertaining picture gallery of the “ordination”

If they are not aware of it already, folks should  realize that Georgia Walker in Kansas is as  much a Catholic priest as David Bawden is Pope Michael over in Oklahoma.

There is no need for indignation or formal excommunication.

Georgia Walker the Catholic priest is not only as authentic as Pope Michael, she is equally out of touch with reality.

Georgia Walker a Catholic priest? Uh huh…and I’m Napoleon.

Let’s push the envelope.

Georgia Walker a Catholic priest? Nope.

David Bawden the pope? Nope.

Libby Lane a Bishop? Nope.

I had this moment of enlightenment once when I couldn’t sleep and was passing the time learning about the different Anglican garage churches.

A garage church being a church somebody has started in his garage…

You can read about them here in a delightfully named page, “Churches not in Communion.”

These are churches started by some renegade Anglican priest. They usually give their church some high flown name like “The Most Holy Orthodox Auto Cephalic Anglo Celtic Church of the Third Remove” and of course the “Bishop” always wears as much clobber as a Lefevbrist bishop.

I find hours of entertainment reading about these people who are delightfully unhinged. Then I learned that there is a whole bevy of equally lunatic “Catholic Churches” Wikipedia has a partial list of them here.  The thing about the Catholic garage churches is that they are usually not ultra conservative like the Anglicans, but ultra liberal. For a sampling check out The Worldwide Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ with their “Bishop” Dr Karl Rodig.

Anyhow, the light bulb moment came when I realized that the Church of England  and all the rest of the Anglicans were really no more authentically Catholic than these other loopy groups.

They have just been around longer, have nicer buildings, more money and better connections.

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