Today I recorded the first episode of my projected twenty part series on the history of the Catholic Church. It’s called “Triumphs and Tragedies.”

This will be available on my blog, on my iTunes podcast channel and through BreadBox media and other podcast channels free of charge.

Why am I taking the time and trouble to do this?

Because those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them. I should add on a positive note that those who learn from the successes of history might also learn to repeat them!

Many people are troubled by events in our world and in our church and I believe learning more about history will help. As we learn what our brothers and sisters have gone through down the ages, we will not be quite so alarmed at what is going on in our world and in our church today.

Each episode of the twenty part series will consider the events in one century of our church’s history. We will look at the triumphs of every age and the tragedies–the failures, heresies and problems. We will then consider what we can learn from them and apply them to the challenges we face today.

The other reason I am excited to do this is because our faith is not a fairy tale. It is history–not a myth, and there is a widespread belief that the Christian Church is built on a collection of fable, fairy tales and fabrications. This series will be rooted in the reality and the gritty grace of God’s goodness at work in the world.

I’m excited by this new enterprise and I ask your prayers as I move forward. The new podcast series is in production and I hope it will be released within the next few weeks as we get all the details together.

One of the difficulties is that everyone expects podcasts to be free to listen to. That’s great, but they’re not free to produce! Therefore I am looking for some sponsors to help make this possible. Bread Box media provide some editing and technical help. They also run the website that get this stuff out there. Therefore we are looking for some sponsors. Sponsors can either be commercial or donor sponsors. Donor sponsors simply give a single or regular gift towards the series. Commercial sponsors can have an ad for their business or charity read out at the beginning of the podcast.

If you would like to learn more about commercial sponsorship or simply donor sponsorship, shoot me an email at