Now that the headline has caught your attention…

…The Daily Telegraph reports here on two lesbian women who went on a honeymoon trip after their homosexual ‘wedding’ and had a bad time because they were treated badly on account of their being two women who married each other. They are referring to their bad time in the Dominican Republic as Holiday Hell. Some holiday! Some hell!

One of the pair grumbled, “They just didn’t treat us like everybody else!” Errr. The fact of the matter is homosexual couples are not “like everybody else” they’re attempting to be ‘married’ when human history and human biology clearly indicate that marriage is between a man and a woman. A key fits into a lock to open a door. A lock does not fit into a lock–if you catch my meaning.

When homosexual couples claim that they “are like everyone else” it’s simply a lie. They might believe the lie, and sincerely propose the lie. They may enact legislation to make the lie acceptable. They might sue those who refuse the lie. They may punish those who do not accept the lie. Indeed the whole world may rally around to proclaim the lie and persecute those who refuse to accept it.

But it is still a lie.