Went out for dinner with some friends last evening and was told the story of how (we’ll call him Brian) who was an Anglican priest, fell and hurt his head. He was seriously disabled, with inability to do his job, lack of balance, inability to read, amnesia and various other symptoms. His young wife had reconciled herself to the fact that she would probably have to look after the man for the rest of her life. She was going out to work while all he could do was sit in a chair and gaze at the television. (I know many women would say that describes their husband without a brain injury…)

Anyway, at the time of the accident Brian was in the process of leaving the Anglican Church to become a Catholic. He and his wife made it to the Mass where they were to be received into the Church. His wife prepared the priest and others with the fact that Brian would have to be assisted up to the altar, might fall over at any time, may not be capable of making the responses etc. etc.
He was received into the Church, received his first Holy Communion, and was from that moment perfectly restored to health.