Some time ago I read a book by a guy who says he lost his Catholic faith when he began to study science and discovered that there was no evidence for the existence of angels. Duuh. Angels are non materialistic beings. Trying to devise a trap for an angel is like trying to make a potted fern receive radio waves.

Another area of scholarship which never interested me much is modern Biblical scholarship. The main problem with 99% of modern biblical scholarship is the underlying assumption of the scholar. They come at the text as scientific, objective historical analysts. This method has some merit, but very little. It’s like taking apart an alarm clock. You can see how the clock works, but you’ll never understand time by the exercise. Similarly, the Biblical scholars can tell us more historical stuff about the text and they can devise theories on how the text was composed and edited, but so what?
Unfortunately, the scientific textual analyst very often believes he has now de-bunked the sacred text because he has show, perhaps that the story of the Tower of Babel is also in the Epic of Gilgamesh, or the gospel writers seem to have made mistakes in the details of timing in the passion narrative or whatever. To be frank, I found the whole industry pretty boring and never did more study in the area than I needed to.
The point of the post is this: a friend has an atheist mathematician brother who has read a book by a liberal scholar called Kugel, and has discovered that the whole Bible is a cute fable. Can anyone out there recommend a book by a good Catholic (or Evangelical) scholar who expertly counters the liberal scholars without resorting to fundamentalist arguments?