Amy Welborn links to an interview with Ms Schori–the new head of the Episcopal Church who claims the plummeting numbers of Episcopalians is down to the fact that they are better educated than Catholics and Mormons who have ‘theological reasons’ for having more babies.

Below is my email to Mrs. Schori:

Deer Bishup Shorey,

I see from the news that you have sed that Episcopaliums are smarter than us catholics because you don’t have so many babies as we do. I guess that must be true. I have never thought of it like that before. Gee you are smart! Do you not have more babies becuz you don’t like babies or becuz you believe abortion is okay so you kill them before they are born or is it just becuz many of your peepul are homosexuals and they can’t have babies? Or maybe the numbers of Episcopaliums are dropping off becauze they are fed up and voting with there feet.

Anyway, thanks for putting me straight on that!