The Boox Grab Box is a monthly feature for Donor Subscribers. I send them a personal email inviting them to rummage through my Boox Grab Box. This is a selection of new books (and some older) that I collect each month for my Donor Subscribers. They send me an email if they see one they like and I mail it out to them.

Here is this month’s list for your interest.

  1. God Incidents – 31 True Stories of God Working in the Lives of Catholics. This is a new book and looks great!
  2. Path to Rome – Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church – This is the first book I published. Chapters by Marcus Grodi, myself, Stratord Caldecott and 14 others. This book is new but got a bit bashed in the shipping.
  3. Audio Book Version of Slubgrip Instructs – 15 copies – I read all the parts in this funny, maddening and inspiring account of the demon Slubgrip teaching popular culture in Bowelbages University in hell.
  4. The Burden – A Warning of Things to Come – 10 copies – Paul Thigpen’s marvelous prose-poetry-prophecy about the dark times in which we live.
  5. The Case for Jesus – The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ – 4 copies. I still have four copies of Brant Pitre’s terrific book. Free for the asking.
  6. George Washington – His Legacy of Faith, Character and Courage – This is hardbacked children’s book 40 pages. Written and illustrated by Demi
  7. Family Matters – nine copies of a little booklet I wrote applying the rule of St Benedict to Family Life
  8. Raising Chaste Catholic Men- Practical Advice Mom to Mom – Leila Miller gives advice on how moms can help their boys grow up into good Catholic men.
  9. Surprised by Life – 10 Converts explain how Catholic teachings on life led them to the church. by Patrick Madrid
  10. Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times – This delightful children’s book by Meghan Bausch has rhymes and cute pictures about saints for kids.
  11. The Depth of God’s Reach – A Spirituality of Christ’s Descent – by Michael Downey. A theologian explores the descent of Christ after his death and before the resurrection.
  12. A Call to Serve – Pope Francis and the Catholic Future – An illustrated consideration of Pope Francis mission for the church.
  13. Why Catholicism Matters – How Catholic Virtues can reshape Society in the 21st Century- by Bill Donohue. Hardback. 290 pages.
  14. I have two hard backed novels: David Baldacci’s “The Hit” and John Grisham’s “The Confession”. They’re like new if not new!

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