We’ve finished what turned out to be a 23 part podcast series on the history of the Catholic Church. Triumphs and Tragedies is available at my iTunes channel, PlayerFM and BreadBox Media.

You can go there to download and listen.

Now I’m pumped for the next podcast history series. In Characters of the Reformation I’ll be teaming up with Hilaire Belloc. Here’s why I’m excited by this series. Belloc’s writing style lends itself perfectly to be spoken. Therefore I’ll pretty much be reading his famous book of that name. I’m not going to make an attempt to imitate an English accent, but I will adopt a “voice” that suits Belloc’s outspoken style and his reputation as a controversialist.

I’ll also stop and interject my comments and observations along with some extra information for listeners who’s general knowledge grasp of history and theology may be a little bit lacking. Before each episode I’ll also give a little introduction with perhaps some insights from the life of Hilaire Belloc.

This history podcast will be offered free through these same channels, and I’m now branching out with my podcasts to be listed on Android, Google and Spotify. Say a prayer that they will continue to reach more and more people.

Along with this free history podcast I’ve got the first of True Fairytales ready to go. Tomorrow the blog will feature its new look and a new level of Donor Subscribers will open up which will be for podcasts only. If you like the content here remember that most of it is free, but it is not free to produce. Donor Subscribers help to fund the design, maintenance, hosting and promotion of the blog.

The first part of Characters of the Reformation will be published later this week.