Old Monk: “Perfect Love casts out fear.”

Novice: “But what am I afraid of?”

Old Monk: “Perfect Love.”


Now that I’ve got the new blog up and running I have been meaning to put more posts up on monastic spirituality in the Suburban Hermit section of the blog.

We moved the whole Suburban Hermit blog over here when we set up the new blog-website. It is reserved for Donor Subscribers, but I’ll be posting excerpts from Suburban Hermit here for everyone to benefit from.

One of the features at Suburban Hermit blog is “Old Monk”. As you would expect, Old Monk is a pretty quiet fellow. He doesn’t say much, but what he does say is worth listening to. He shows up every now and then with his pensive, contemplative look and drops a little treasure of monastic wisdom.

The other stuff at Suburban Hermit are comments on monastic life, lots of pictures of historic hermitages and monasteries, some material on monastic history, St Benedict, the rule and whatever I love about the monastic life and the cloister.