The have been accused in the comments box of ‘hating’ our new President. I don’t think I hate him as a person. Indeed, I’m proud that our country has elected a black man, and that so many of my countrymen have hope for the future, and are optimistic, and I hope he succeeds in making our country a better place. I don’t hate him. However, I do dislike a trait he evidences which is a symptom of the philosophy he holds, and that he (like most ideologues) is stubborn.

He may be a Messiah, but he is also a Minotaur. That is to say, he is bull headed. He is bull headed as are all ideologues. The ideologue is different from an idealist because the idealist has a belief and faith whereas the ideologue has dogma and certainty. The dogma he holds to is even more insidious because he does not believe in dogma, and his certainty is frightful because it brooks no opposition. The ideologues I most dislike and fear are the left wing ideologues. The socialist has accepted a social gospel. He believes his mission on earth is to change the world. He believes he has a kind of divine call to do so, and so do his devotees, he has seen the light, but it has blinded him.
This ideological Messianic minotaur (with his soaring rhetoric and inspiring vision for a brave new world) seems to be the most wonderful kind of politician, when in fact he is the worst kind of politician. He is the worst kind of politician because he believes himself to be the best kind of person. But he is the worst kind of person because he really believes he can do no wrong. He is so convinced of the rightness of his ideology that he will not hear reason from anyone, least of all from the fearless little matador who dons a tri-cornered hat and ridiculous tight trousers and tries to skewer the bull. Instead the minotaur charges on, regardless, even if it is to his ruin. He charges on because the ideological Messianic minotaur is convinced of his invincibility.
This is why I dislike and distrust and fear the Messianic Minotaurs: because they believe they can do no wrong. These are the political Pharisees, the ones who, history has shown us, slaughter millions to create a master race, or effect a more equitable redistribution of wealth to bring about a ‘just and fair’ revolution. These are the ones who self righteously accept the adulation of the crowds as their just due. These are the ones who are forever destined to repeat the mistakes of all the messianic minotaurs before them because they are blind to the faults that brought them down. Even when they are brought low they hold their heads high, indulge in self pity and imagine themselves to be martyrs for their noble cause.
The messianic minotaurs are also destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. They have hubris, they do not have humility. They do not have the faintest conception that their solutions may be wrong or that their assessment of the problem may be wrong. So they continue along their ideological path to repeat the same mistakes. Consider the situation in Britain where the messianic minotaurs have been in power for ten years: teen pregnancies and suicides and abortions continue to rise despite more and more money spent on ‘family planning’, ‘sex education for children’ ‘free contraceptives’ etc. So instead of going back to the drawing board and suggesting that they might have asked the wrong questions in the first place, and therefore got the wrong answers, the bull headed minotaurs simply say, “I guess we need more free condoms and sex education at an earlier age.”
So it is not the man himself who I dislike, but the self righteousness and the sense of mission that comes with his left wing ideology. The self righteousness, fueled by the sycophantic fawning of the main stream media and the adoring crowds (who have no other beliefs or inspiration than the bland platitudes of a false hope and a falser hype) gives me the chills, and makes me fear that a monster is being born–one who has the body of a man and the head of a beast.
Should I be proved wrong, I will be the first one to thank the Lord.