At least once a week I try to load up three or four articles from the archives. These are articles I have written for magazines, websites, journals and newspapers over the years.

This week’s selection is a typical grab bag of my writings on a range of topics. These articles are available in the archived articles section of the blog which is reserved for Donor Subscribers. As you may have gathered, this month I am running my annual “Stick ‘Em Up!” campaign to promote the blog and encourage new Donor Subscribers. For only a few more days new Donor Subscribers may select a free book as a welcome gift. Go here for more information.

This week’s selection of articles:

Ten Reasons Why Modernist Christianity Will Die Out – The title says it all. This is lodged in the Culture and Politics section.

C.S.Lewis and Dr Bob Jones Jr. – Every month or so I have a task to write a column for my friend Joseph Pearce’s St Austin Review. I write on the Inklings and have to link them with Joseph’s theme. This month the theme was the American South, so I remembered an anecdote from Walter Hooper that Dr Bob Jones Jr once met C.S.Lewis. Here’s the story.

On the Benefit of Beards – the only problem with this miscellaneous piece was where to place it in the archives. Since every respectable hermit has a beard it got stuffed into “Suburban Hermit” section. By the way, if you are interested in Benedictine spirituality, pictures of monks and cool monasteries visit this section of the blog. Suburban Hermit is the monastic feature.

Praising and Processing – This article is part of a seven part series on the liturgy for Catholic Digest. I’ll keep posting more of this series here. Each article gives a practical explanation of one aspect of the Catholic liturgy.

I hope you enjoy reading. By the way, coming up on the blog this week: the second episode of Hilaire Belloc’s Characters of the Reformation. In this podcast I read and comment on Belloc’s classic book. This week’s chapter is on King Henry VIII. If you haven’t listened yet to the introductory episode, you can listen for free over at BreadBox media, or if you are a Donor Subscriber you can listen or download without sponsorship ads here.

There’s also another True Fairytale coming up this week, as well as another episode of Stories of the Unexpected. Check out the podcast section of the blog to follow these creative podcasts.