In a week where one bald priest with a beard turns bad this bald priest with a beard meets another bald priest with a beard who is dynamite.

Fr. Carlos Martins is a priest with the order Companions of the Cross. He visited Our Lady of the Rosary parish for two days this week and spoke powerfully about the relics he carries with him around the country on exposition.

When Deacon Ballard asked if he could arrange for a priest to visit with the relics I have to admit that I anticipated one of those dear old elderly priests who trundle about visiting parishes, doing good and spreading the word about this apostolate or that missionary group. Good steady soldiers, but perhaps not too exciting?

Not so Fr Carlos. A young priest who converted to the Catholic faith through an experience of Eucharistic adoration, he follows Christ without compromise, has a deliverance ministry, is totally faithful to the magisterium and yet is down to earth, funny, wise and humble. “Would you like a drink Father?” and he says, “Oh thank you! The only thing better than a drink is the second drink.” He knows relics upside down and backward and can tell you most anything about their history and authenticity (or not). He knows the sharks and conmen who are out there selling chicken bones in thecas on eBay. He knows the crooks and swindlers and also knows the postulators, the miracle workers, the holy men and women who live the true life of the faith.

I can highly recommend him to you. Visit his website and invite him to your parish, your school, your community. You won’t regret it. If you’re in Charlotte NC he’ll be at St Ann’s church tomorrow (Saturday) and at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday.