Matthew Archbold writes here in the National Catholic Register about one of the new ways to stop abortion: ultrasound scans of the unborn child. While it may take a very long time (and may even be impossible) to overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortion again, it is heartening to learn of ever smarter ways to limit abortion and change people’s minds.

When we lived in England there were laws that patients had to have full information before undergoing any medical procedure. Doctors had to inform them what was going on. They received literature and instruction. But not for abortions. Like the people Matt refers to in his article, when it comes to abortion, less information the better.

We may find it a hard long journey to finally outlaw abortion, but the more we can nibble away with small measures: a piece of legislation in this state which holds a killer responsible for the death of an unborn child (thus giving the child legal rights) or a new law in that state that mandates parental permission for abortions for teens, or a law on this state which mandates full information on fetal development before an abortion or here a law which says each woman who wants an abortion may have or even must have an ultrasound scan first…all of these little battles will help us win the war.