Four articles are uploaded today into the every expanding Archived Articles section of the blog. These articles are from the thousands I have written over the years for various websites, magazines, papers and journals.

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Purity is Power – This is chapter six of my book Quest for the Creed. The book is being uploaded to the archived articles section chapter by chapter so Donor Subscribers will eventually have the whole book online.

Contraception and Gender Confusion explains the link between the contraceptive culture and the present wave of gender confusion

Mystical Metaphysical – This article is an introduction to the  17th century English poet and writer Thomas Traherne.

Should We Call the Pope “King Francis”? – The idea of the monarchical papacy is considered. In what way does the pope connect with Jesus Christ King of the Universe?

Why do I keep blogging? Here’s why: whenever I feel ready to quit the Holy Spirit will bring someone across my path who says, “Your blog helped bring me into the church. Thanks.” or “Your blog really helped my son come back to the faith.” So I head back to the keyboard.

When I was in Italy on vacation-pilgrimage last month I was amazed how many seminarians, religious and other Catholics I met who recognized my name and said they read my blog. Most humbling were the seminarians. Wherever I went they said, “Fr Longenecker! Hey! I read your blog! Keep up the good work!

This is possible because most of the content on the blog is free.

Although most of the content is free, it is not free to produce. I have to pay software membership subscriptions, pay for the hosting, tech assistance and promotion and development of the blog-website. I am exploring at the moment the possibility of a YouTube channel. If I do this, I want to make it look good and reach many more people. There will also be costs associated with this development.

Here’s something else to remember: this blog is what a blog should be: just one guy with his laptop with personal opinion, personal contact and a real point of view from a real life. I’m not a professional writer. I’m a priest, a husband and a dad. I’ve resisted the idea that I should have assistants, a staff and a larger operation. That sort of apostolate not only has a staff with salaries, it has to have big donors a board of directors and all that extra baggage.

I have none of that, so I rely on reader support.

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