A reader pointed out that I haven’t put up the collection of archived articles since the beginning of April. This was supposed to be a regular feature–posting a collection of archived pieces about twice a month. Apologies dear readers! To be honest I’ve been caught up in other projects–not least of which has been the book launch and promotion of Immortal Combat and having to re-design parish ministry in the wake of the pandemic.

So here is a collection at last of four more articles from all the many I’ve written over the years. Nature’ Bonfire is chapter fourteen of my book The Quest for the Creed. I am posting this book chapter by chapter so readers will eventually have access to the whole book here at the website-blog. The other three articles are a piece on learning to love Baroque architecture, some thoughts about movies and mysticism and an apologetics piece on the papacy.

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Here are the four articles:

Nature’s Bonfire, World’s Wildfire – Chapter Fourteen of Quest for the Creed is about the phrase “I Believe in the Holy Spirit”

Going for Baroque – Learning to love the baroque churches of Rome…

Movies, Masks and Mysticism – Ancient art, modern movies and mystical connections

Assuming Infallibility – What is papal infallibility and why does it matter?