The thespians at St Joseph’s School are attempting their first Shakespearian production this weekend. Y’all come!

The cast assembled for a cast Mass before the show this afternoon, and not often having the opportunity to preach on Shakespeare, pointed out that the play is all about love, and so many different types of love. Love for brother and brother, father and daughter, soldier and soldier, man and woman, boy and girl. 
And yet so much stands in the way of true love: jealousy, illegitimacy, rumor, lust, pride, arrogance, idiocy and malice and stupidity. Love triumphs in the end through self sacrifice, humility, forgiveness and good humor.
It’s a beautiful play. I love the Kenneth Branagh version, and will watch this with our kids before going to see the play.
PS: There will be points given for any readers who can guess which part in Much Ado I played while a student at Bob Jones.