And another thing we’re against is war. Not only unjust wars. We don’t like war at all. War should never be the answer. We should always do everything we can do avoid war and to get out of war whenever possible. An unjust war is even worse. We’re against unjust wars.

However, even in an unjust war soldiers on both sides choose to fight. They have weapons and training to defend themselves. When innocent people are killed in war it is terrible, but (unless they were attacked by evil madmen) they were not killed on purpose. Their deaths were a terrible side effect of war, one which all civilized people lament and would seek to avoid.
Abortion, on the other hand, is not like war at all. In abortion an unborn child cannot defend himself. He cannot fight back. He cannot even run away. No soldier sets out to kill a child, and all but the most insane and callous terrorists object when children are killed intentionally, and yet abortion is the intentional killing of millions of defenseless children simply for convenience of the mother.  
In the present war about 5,000 Americans have been killed by the enemy. During the same time nearly six million American babies have been killed through abortion.  This means abortion kills more people than war. While we are against the killing that happens in war, we can see that many more people die through abortion. This is why we think abortion is worse than war.
When an innocent child is maimed or murdered by terrorism or an unjust war it is obscene and awful, but when an innocent child is murdered by his own mother and father the crime is even more obscene. When there are life giving options like adoption in a rich and willing society, killing little babies is indefensible.