Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (who’s family immigrated to Britain, who’s father converted from Islam to Catholicism and who is a convert from Catholicism to Anglicanism) warns that certain parts of Britain are being taken over by extremist elements of the predominantly Muslim population, making these parts of Britain dangerous for Christians.

When will liberal Christians realize that while there are many peaceful and tolerant Muslims, Islam is not essentially a religion of tolerance and peace? Those who blame the Catholic Church for the crusades should realize that Islamic armies were invading Europe, and something had to be done. i predict that it will happen again one day, but I doubt whether the present generation of Europeans will have the guts or the faith to stand up and fight for anything at all–even in self defense. If things continue they way they are going Europe will fall like Rome fell–through decadence, laziness and corruption from within as much as through invasion from without.