For some time now I have been talking about launching a YouTube channel, and finally after months of delays (and some procrastination) I’ve got it up and running. The series is an attempt to discuss the faith pulling together various interests: fantasy literature, film writing, myth, stories, drama, the paranormal and general religious culture and language. The target audience is different from my usual mainstream, conservative Catholic audience. Through YouTube I hope to attract a wide audience and evangelize around these topics.

My thanks to the Donor Subscribers on the blog. Some time ago I asked for Donor Subscribers to sign up and help get the video part of my ministry going. Your monthly Donor Subscriber gift helps to get this message out to a wider YouTube audience. You can see in watching the video that my editor has done a great job of weaving in some other images to keep it lively and interesting. Thanks for your help!

To help get this word out please watch the video on  YouTube. Take a moment to subscribe to that channel. It costs you nothing to do so. Then share the video with others to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for helping!