I can’t believe the whole month of January flew by without my getting a chance to upload some articles to the Archived Articles section of the blog. This section is reserved for Donor Subscribers from the Premier level and above. In this section I post articles I have written over the years for a variety of outlets–newspapers, journals, Catholic websites and more. The cover a range of my interests–apologetics, film, literature, history and liturgy.

So you are aware, my archived blog posts from my years at Patheos and before are available through the link in the right sidebar. These are available to everyone free of charge.

The Archived Articles section is most easily accessed by clicking on “Blog” on the main page and scrolling down. Included in the fifteen different categories is “Quest for the Creed”. In this section, each time I upload some old articles I also upload a chapter from my book The Quest for the Creed. This book contains twenty short chapters on the Apostles’ Creed written in a Chestertonian style–standing things on their head and giving a fresh perspective to words we so much take for granted. Before too long the entire book will be in that section for Donor Subscribers to read.

So this week’s archived articles are:

The Centrality of Sacrifice – This article considers the importance of the concept of sacrifice in all religions and why, even in the modern world, it is so important. This, by the way, is one of the major themes of the book I have coming out in May titled Immortal Combat – The Nine Swords of Spiritual Battle.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – This is the eleventh chapter of The Quest for the Creed and focuses on the Ascension of Christ

Fantasy Films and the Dulled Imagination – This begins with Narnia films and questions the value of film adaptations of fantasy literature. It considers the dynamic of imagination in film and literature and how film effects the interaction between author and reader.

Green Popes – Pope Francis is known for making an emphasis on environmental issues. This post considers the history of papal teachings on the environment.

Paradise and Paranoia – What is this great longing to be happy and why are we so often disappointed? This post looks at human longing and suggests where true happiness and peace may be found.

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