Four articles are uploaded to the Archived Articles section of the blog today. For those who are new readers, about once a week I load three or four articles I have written over the years on various subjects for various outlets.

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Here are this week’s picks:

Billy Graham: All Things to All Men – This describes how I met Billy Graham during his mission to Oxford when I was a student there in the early 80s

Lift Up Your Hearts – this is the next article in the series on the liturgy I wrote for Catholic Digest. It explains how seeing the Mass as a sacrifice helps us offer up our own requests and concerns.

Nietzsche, Napoleon and Narcissism – This film review of Alfred Hitchcock’s early film Rope explores the true story and chilling philosophy of the ubermensch – the super man who is above morality.

Revolution and Revelation – An article that explains the existence of God and how the God who is “I AM” reveals himself to humanity.

Enjoy reading and thanks for supporting the blog!